Unique Ideas for Keeping Your Mom Active Within the Community

Homecare in Huntington NY: Ideas To Keep Your Senior Active

Homecare in Huntington NY: Ideas To Keep Your Senior Active

The Industrial Psychiatry Journal ran a study in 2009 that looked at seniors and socialization.  In this study, they looked at 55 elderly men and women and measured both loneliness and depression.  They found a strong connection between being lonely and being depressed.  Is your mom at risk?  If many of her friends have left the state for sunnier retirement communities, your mom could well be feeling isolated and lonely.

Here are tips for getting her out of the house and active within her community.

-Check Out the Local Senior Center

If your town or city has a senior center, there are activities and events that offer ample opportunities for socialization.  Your mom could attend a luncheon, go to a senior dance, or take an art class.  If transportation is a problem, some senior centers have shuttle vans that can get your mom to and from the center.  You can also talk to a senior care center about hiring a companion to drive your mom to and from the senior center, stores, and medical offices.

-Sign Up for Adult Day Care

Adult day care centers are a good option if your mom cannot be unsupervised.  While you’re at work, your mom goes to a center where she enjoys meals, snacks, games, and fun activities.  It’s also a good way to make sure she has plenty of time to socialize.  She doesn’t have to go to the day care center every day.  You can balance her care by using an adult day care center some days and hiring a caregiver on others.

-Volunteer Within the Community

Many organizations rely on volunteers.  Even if your mom cannot stand on her feet for a long time, there are volunteer positions that allow her to be social without strain on her legs, feet, or back.  She could volunteer at an animal rescue doing things like watering answering the phone.  If she enjoys reading, she could volunteer at the library and check out books to the patrons.

Being active and socializing with adults and children will benefit your mom’s health.  If she simply cannot leave the house, call a senior care agency and arrange to have a caregiver visit her at least once a week if not daily.  The more chances she has to have fun and be around others, the lower the risk of her becoming lonely or depressed.

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