Alzheimer’s: Tips for More Effective Communication

  Alzheimer’s Disease gradually impairs the person’s ability to communicate. People with dementia have more difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions, as well as more trouble understanding others. Here are some tips to help in communication and understanding: • Learn to create a ‘kind voice’ – speak slower and lower, smiling. • To orient the person…

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Dementia Care: Communication Techniques for Professionals

Elder care in Huntington, NY: Dementia Communication Techniques for Professionals If you are a professional who works with older adults and their families, you have probably encountered challenges in communicating your message to a person afflicted with dementia.   Below are tips to help you overcome common obstacles in communicating and to learn to understand the…

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Unique Ideas for Keeping Your Mom Active Within the Community

Homecare in Huntington NY: Ideas To Keep Your Senior Active

Homecare in Huntington NY: The Industrial Psychiatry Journal ran a study in 2009 that looked at seniors and socialization. They found a strong connection between being lonely and being depressed. Is your mom at risk? Here are tips for getting her out of the house and active within her community.

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