Does My Chronically Ill Mom Need to Move Out?

Are you caring for an elderly relative with chronic conditions that make it impossible for them to care for themselves? If so, you join millions of family caregivers that are responsible for their loved one’s health and wellness. One of the most difficult things to decide is whether or not to have the elderly adult move to a care facility or stay in their own home. Of course, the aging relative would prefer to live at home but you will just worry about their ability to care for themselves, especially when you can’t be there.


Senior Care in Dix Hills NY: Chronical Illness Senior Care

Senior Care in Dix Hills NY: Chronical Illness Senior Care


The good news is that home care agencies can help family members like you ensure that their aging relative receives excellent care without having to move out. Once family caregivers learn what a home care agency can provide for their loved one, it becomes an excellent option that works for everyone.

When elderly adults struggle with chronic illnesses and health issues that impair their ability to do daily tasks, it can mean the end of living in their own home. They worry about losing their independence and worry about having to depend on others for their personal care.


In-home care means that they can live at home but have help with the tasks they struggle with, such as:

-Showering and bathing

-Getting dressed

-Preparing and serving meals

-Toilet and hygiene needs

-Grooming and oral care

-Walking or using a wheelchair

-Housekeeping and laundry

-Grocery shopping

-Transportation to appointments



How can senior care help?

Instead of heading to a nursing home for care, elderly adults that can’t completely care for themselves can stay at home. Family caregivers like you can hire home care aides for a few hours a week up to 24-hour care as needed. When compared with the alternatives, in-home care is more personalized and often more affordable than a long-term care facility. Many families across the country are finding that the best thing for them and their elderly loved ones, is to hire an in-home care agency.


What should you do?

Before you hire just any home care agency, you need to do some research to make sure everyone’s needs are met and the company is reputable and trustworthy. There are many community services that you can get references from, such as a local senior services organization, social workers, hospital or clinic discharge planners or social services groups. You’ll also need to compare the costs of different services and see how they measure up to your elderly loved one’s financial resources. Of course, get as many references as you can that speak to the quality of service.

As a family caregiver, you want the best for your elderly loved one. Knowing that they can stay comfortably in their own home while being well-cared for by yourself, other family members and home care assistants means you’ll have peace of mind for their health and happiness. After you find a qualified care agency with experience and lots of references, you and your aging relative will be better able to handle the ever-changing challenges of aging.


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