How Can You Cope with Your Elderly Loved One’s Rapidly Changing Needs?


Senior Care in Bayside NY: How Can You Cope with Your Elderly Loved One’s Rapidly Changing Needs?

Emergencies happen and your loved one’s needs can change literally from one minute to the next. How can you possibly keep all of that straight? Having a solid plan is the first step.

Keep Important Paperwork with You

You never know when you’ll need some of your elderly loved one’s important paperwork on hand immediately. You should definitely make copies to keep in multiple safe locations and you should keep a set with you at all times. It might seem like you’re being a bit too careful, but there may be that one time that you really need the paperwork and don’t have it.

Talk to Your Loved One about Her Wishes Before There’s an Emergency

The more you know about what your elderly loved one needs and wants in the case of a crisis, the better you’ll be able to prepare. You also won’t have that nagging feeling that you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing. These types of talks can be difficult, but they’re essential for you and your loved one to have.

Keep a List of Important Information Somewhere that Someone Else Can Spot it Easily

Make sure that you make a list of your loved one’s important information and then post it somewhere that it can be easily spotted, such as front and center on the refrigerator door. You’ll want to include information like her name, her health conditions, her doctor’s contact information, and your own contact information. Anything else that might be helpful can also go on the list.

Have a Backup Plan for Yourself, Too

Your loved one isn’t the only one who can have an emergency situation crop up unexpectedly. You can, too. Talk with your other family members about who can take over immediately if you have an emergency. They may only be able to pitch hit for a few hours, so include options to bring in senior care providers if necessary in order to keep your loved one covered until you’re back on the job.

Remember to go over your plan periodically so that you can make changes to accommodate new information.

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