When Was Mom’s Last Eye Exam?

Senior Care in Smithtown NY: When Was Mom's Last Eye Exam?

Senior Care in Smithtown NY: When Was Mom’s Last Eye Exam?

Do you know when your mom last saw an eye doctor? If not, it’s something you need to look into. Every senior should have a yearly eye exam to make sure prescription glasses are correct and to help diagnose and treat some of the common conditions seniors face. Talk to your mom and schedule an eye exam if she hasn’t been in the past year.


Eye Health Issues Seniors Face.

A number of conditions are more prevalent in aging adults. During a yearly eye exam, your mom or dad’s eye doctor can check for these conditions and offer guidance in either slowing the progression or learning how to manage the symptoms. Common eye issues in seniors are:

  • Age-related macular degeneration: A condition that leads to blindness over time and may require nutritional supplements, prescription medications, or surgery to help delay the onset of blindness.
  • Cataracts: A condition caused when the lens of the eye develops a filmy layer that obstructs vision. Keeping eyewear prescriptions current can help until the need for surgery arises.
  • Glaucoma: A condition that occurs when the fluid pressure inside the eye increases too much. If caught early, there are treatments optometrists use to help prevent the loss of vision.


The Right Glasses Help Prevent Falls.

The older you get, the higher the risk of falling and injuring yourself. Blurred vision, night blindness, and loss of peripheral vision can all impact how well your mom sees obstacles or steps. With an eye exam, there are prescription glasses that can help. Bright lighting will also benefit your mom if she has a hard time seeing in dimly lit areas.


Eye Exams Can Indicate It’s No Longer Safe for Your Parent to Drive.

Have you questioned if it’s time to stop your mom from driving? To drive safely, your mom needs to have strong peripheral vision, see colors on traffic lights properly, and have solid night vision. An optometrist can help you determine if vision or eye health is good enough for safe driving. If there are issues, they can be addressed, or your mom’s eye doctor can help you explain to her why she shouldn’t drive.


Senior Care Professionals Help With Transportation.

The range of services offered by a senior care professional varies, but transportation is one of the many options. You may want to bring your mom to medical appointments and follow-up care, but trips to grocery stores or senior centers may conflict too much with your job. Talk to a senior care agency about getting help with your mom’s transportation needs.

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