In-home Care for Brain Injury Patients

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Brain injury can change everything  about a person in a matter of seconds.  According to the Brain Injury Association of America, the most important things to remember about brain injury include, a person with a brain injury is a person first, no two brain injuries are exactly the same, the effects of a brain injury are complex and vary greatly from person to person, and the effects of a brain injury depend on such factors as cause, location, and severity.

Caring for someone with brain injury takes an understanding of his/her needs.  A person with TBI can suffer from memory problems, poor judgment, language problems, dizziness, weakness, speech difficulties, mood swings, and/or muscle coordination problems to name a few.

In-home Care for TBI Patients:

Managing Medications

Medication reminders, filling and picking up new prescriptions, and ensuring that the person takes medication properly.

Ambulation Assistance

Assistance and supervision with walking, going up and down stairs, stepping in and out of the shower, and assistance with dressing.


People with TBI often have to give up driving temporarily or permanently depending on the severity of the injury.  A caregiver could assist with errands, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, etc.


Isolation is often a concern for people with TBI because they have limited access to the outside world.  Having someone to talk with and do recreational activities with can make a big difference in that personal mental and emotional well-being.

Assistance in the Household

Household chores, laundry, and meal preparation can be a big help for someone who has limited mobility, dizziness, and/or short term memory loss.



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