Why Is Respite Care Something You Need to Consider?

If you’re not keeping respite care on the front burner as a caregiver, you might want to reconsider. It’s important to your mental and emotional health, but you might still be reluctant to give it a full try.


Homecare in Dix Hills NY: Why Respite?

Homecare in Dix Hills NY: Why Respite?


You’re Not a Robot

Robots are really handy. They can work tirelessly and handle whatever you need them to handle, especially when it’s within their programming. The problem is, you’re not a robot. You’re a caregiver with a life and a personality of your very own. That means that you’re not infallible and you can’t keep running on no sleep, no fun, and no energy. You have to take care of yourself. Respite time allows you to do that.


You Have Things You Need to Do

Sometimes you have personal errands that you need to run. Or you might have errands that you have to take care of for your elderly family member that will be easier to handle alone. Depending on the health issues your senior is facing, she may find it taxing to go with you as you run errands. For all those reasons, it makes tons of sense to leave your senior with someone you trust while you handle what you need to handle.


You and Your Senior Need a Break from Each Other

You might be afraid to admit it, but sometimes you might just need to get away from your aging adult. The flip side of that is that sometimes she’s tired of you, too. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love or care for each other, it simply means that you’re human. When you need those moments apart, it helps to have someone who can take over for you and ensure that your elderly family member is safe and cared for until you’re both ready to cope again.


You Just Do

The reality of the situation, however, is that you don’t really need a reason to take advantage of respite care. You’re a human being with a life of your own and that might mean that you’re not able to be with your senior as much as you want to be. Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up for needing time away from caregiving, even if it’s more often than you think you should need that time away.

Understanding more about what respite care can do for you can help you to accept it more readily. Give it a try at least a few times and experience what it does for you in your unique caregiving experience before you give up on the idea for good.

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