Storm Preparation – Four Ways to Make Sure Your Mom is Safe

Home Health Care in Islip NY: Weather Preparations For Your Senior

Home Health Care in Islip NY: Weather Preparations For Your Senior

If a storm hits, do you have a plan to keep your mom safe? Hurricane season isn’t the only storm seniors face.  A winter Nor’easter can knock out power for days.  A strong thunderstorm may trigger tornadoes or straight sheer winds.  Make sure your mom is safe by having four plans of action in place.


Pay Attention to Evacuation Warnings

Monitor the area evacuation notices.  If people in your mom’s area are asked to voluntarily leave their homes, make sure your mom does.  It’s better to leave and find out it wasn’t necessary than to refuse to leave and wind up in trouble.

If you’re in a safe area, you can have your mom stay with you.  A hotel, friend, or another family member are also options for where she can stay during the storm.


Stock Up Emergency Supplies

During a storm, it’s likely that power will go out.  If that happens, things like well pumps, heating systems, and appliances may not work.  Your mom may need bottled water to make sure she remains hydrated. Ready-to-eat foods and candles are also essential during a storm.

She’ll also need items to keep her entertained.  Books, puzzles, and a battery-powered radio are all helpful during a storm.  Make sure she has enough batteries if the power outage goes on for days.


Take Safety Precautions

In a winter storm, being without power can also mean being cold.  Using a wood stove, kerosene space heater, or stove top are all ways seniors try to stay warm during a storm.  If this is how your mom plans to stay warm, make sure she has working carbon monoxide detectors.  If she has a generator, make sure it is outside of the garage while it’s operating.  A kerosene space heater also needs ventilation, so she needs to crack a window open.

You should have a caregiver on hand to make sure your mom stays warm in a safe manner.  If that’s not possible, leaving her home temporarily is a safer move.  She may not like having to leave, but it’s better than freezing.


Arrange to Have Someone Stay With Your Mom

If you can’t personally be with your mom, arrange to have someone stay with her during a storm.  An elder care professional is a good choice.  Caregivers are trained to help with many aspects of daily care. In addition to keeping your mom safe, the caregiver helps ease your mom’s worries and make sure she takes medications and remembers to stay hydrated.  Learn more about the many services

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