Fun Ideas for Family Physical Activity

Home Care Services in Bayside NY: Family Physical Activity 

Home Care Services in Bayside NY: Family Physical Activity

Getting active as a family can offer a wide range of benefits to all of the members of your family and to your multigenerational care approach. When you exercise together, your family has the opportunity to spend quality time together, share and express themselves, bond their relationships, and make memories that they can treasure.  They will also be keeping their body healthy, supporting a healthy weight, and working toward better mental and emotional health.

For your parent, this is an exceptional way to get out of the house, enjoy more activity, and engage with their grandchildren. For your children, this is a way for them to connect with their

The key to successfully making family physical activity a part of your care routine is to focus on the fun. You do not need to take runs or participate in weightlifting to be exercising.  Instead, look for activities that are accessible, enjoyable, and appropriately challenging for everyone involved.


Let these ideas inspire you for fun ways that you can get active with your family:


Go on a scavenger hunt throughout the neighborhood looking for seasonal decorations, elements of nature, or other items. Split up into teams and see who can find the most items in the time limit.

Create “grocery Olympics” games for when you go food shopping. Have each person carry a bag from the car into the house and then come back for another. Unload food on the front porch and create an assembly line to pass it to the kitchen to be put away. Do “weight lifting” with canned goods.

Try a dance class together.

Head to the local park and kick a ball around. You do not have to follow any real game rules, just walk or jog and kick the ball to each other.

Write questions on a ball and toss it around to each other. Whatever question your fingers land on, answer it to get conversations going.


If you have noticed that your senior’s challenges have increased to the point that you are no longer able to handle them confidently, or your own limitations or schedule have changed and made it so that you can no longer fulfill your parent’s needs, now may be the ideal time for you to consider home care for them.

In-home care can fill care gaps that might exist in your care efforts and ensure that any care tasks that your parent needs but you are not able to fulfill on your own are handled respectfully and effectively. This can not only help your parent to stay as healthy, comfortable, safe, and happy as possible as they age in place, but it can also ease your stress and support a better quality of life for both you and your parent.


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