Five Steps That Help You Prepare to Care for an Elderly Parent

Your parent can’t handle simple daily activities now. You’re going to leave your job and start providing all or some of your mom or dad’s care. Here are five steps to take before you start.


Home Care in Plainview IL: Preparing for Seniors

Home Care in Plainview IL: Preparing for Seniors


Consider All the Necessary Tasks

Come up with a list of the tasks your parent can no longer manage. Does your mom forget she has dinner cooking? Has your dad mistaken the brake and accelerator? You know your mom is forgetting to take her heart medications every day. Your dad can’t carry a heavy laundry basket after breaking his ankle in a fall. Jot this list down.


Set and Share a Schedule

In a document or calendar that you can share, such as Google Drive or Calendar, create a list and calendar that has appointments, events, and other time-sensitive matters. Share this list and schedule with other family caregivers who will offer care.

You can coordinate a list so that everyone is helping out. When you notice gaps, someone can take an extra day or a professional caregiver can help round out the schedule.


Do Shopping and Cooking in Bulk

You have to shop for your own groceries. You also have meals to cook for your immediate family members. Save time by shopping and cooking for both households at the same time. Purchase your mom’s groceries when you go shopping on your own. You can pay out of your accounts and get reimbursed or ask to be added to her accounts.

When you prepare your own meals, cook extras and freeze them. Your mom has a quick meal she can heat in the microwave or slow cooker.


Practice Self-Care

Self-care is essential. You’re of no use to your mom or dad when you’re burned out and frustrated. Instead of pushing through and losing your cool from time to time, take breaks. Go to a spa, stay at home in your pajamas, or go out with friends. You need to focus on yourself at least once a week.


Bring in Help When Needed

When there are tasks you’re not comfortable completing, hire elder care professionals to fill in. You might not be comfortable bathing a naked parent. They may not want to be naked in front of you. They may fight you when you try to feed them. Create a list of tasks that concern you or your parents and talk to an elder care agency about the costs of hiring a caregiver.


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