Outstanding! Happy 11th year Anniversary Beverly Jervis!

Happy 11th-Year Anniversary Beverly Jervis!

Happy 11th-Year Anniversary Beverly Jervis!

Beverly has been part of the Family First Home Companions team working as a Senior Companion since June of 2006!

Beverly takes her work very seriously and cares for her clients as if she were caring for a family member. Her steadfast work ethic simply proves her dedication, commitment, and loyalty.

Beverly has a natural way about her, connecting with all those she has worked with; even the most challenging of cases.  Having a way with words and soothing disposition, Beverly has taken clients whom initially resisted services asking, “when is she coming back”.

Beverly also has this effect on office staff; often, when a case would need coverage, even in a pinch, Beverly was first to come to mind.  And without fail, Beverly always pitched in and helped when and where she could.  Office staff have described her as “loyal, empathetic, patient, goes above and beyond, always there to help, patients love her”.

“Without the dedication and hard work of caregivers like you, we never could have achieved all the success that we have had over the years and we are so fortunate to have you on our team,” said Jennifer Benjamin, owner, Family First Home Companions.


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