5 Exercise Tips that Make Exercise Easier for Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s Disease

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Once your loved one’s doctor clears her for exercise, it’s time to get going. Exercise has tons of benefits for loved ones who have Alzheimer’s disease, so it’s important to make exercise pleasant and Home-Care-in-Smithtown-NYeasy for your loved one.

Provide a Safe Exercise Location

It’s vital that you ensure that your loved one has a safe space in which to exercise. Double check to make sure that cords and other tripping hazards are removed. If there are any throw rugs or slippery floor surfaces, make sure that you correct the situation. Hand rails are a great idea, especially if your loved one’s balance isn’t so good yet.

Start out Slowly

Your loved one doesn’t have to start out with the toughest workout ever, especially if she’s just getting back into exercise. Whatever activity you’re doing, go slowly and don’t worry about hitting certain targets. It’s enough at the beginning that your loved one is getting some movement in every day.

Remember Warm ups and Cool Downs

Warming up and cooling down is a huge recommendation with exercise for a good reason. Both ensure that your loved one is ready to exercise and that she’s less likely to hurt herself by pulling a muscle or doing too much too soon. Skipping warm ups and cool downs is never a good idea.

Know When to Stop

Get detailed information from your loved one’s doctor about what to look for to make sure that she’s not overdoing it. Depending on her health conditions, there may be several different problems to watch for during exercise. In general, though, if your loved one starts to experience pain, if she looks or feels sick, or if she starts to feel dizzy, it’s a good idea to stop exercising.

Help Your Loved One Find Exercises that She Loves

Exercise shouldn’t be something that your loved one hates to do. Work with her to find activities and exercises that she loves. She may love yoga, for example, but hate doing aerobics. If you find the right activities, she’ll look forward to exercising every day.

Let your loved one’s other family members and home care providers know your loved one’s routine when it comes to exercise so that they can help out, too.

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