Herbal Teas That Are Perfect for Summer

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One of the best ways to help your loved one to improve their diet and help them to eat more healthfully is to remove sodas, sugary juices, and flavored coffee drinks from their daily routine.  These Home-Care-in-Plainview-NYsweet beverages are filled with sugar and empty calories, meaning that they provide no valuable nutrients to your loved one.  Cutting out a soda or sweetened coffee habit can be very challenging, especially if your loved one is accustomed to drinking these beverages every day.  However, if they are at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, or other medical conditions, a high-sugar diet can make their situation worse.  In addition, a diet that is without these sugary beverages can help your loved one to achieve great health overall and even help them to have a happier mood.  In the summer, we often look to cold drinks for refreshment and plain ice water can get boring after a while.  Thankfully, there are many tasty and refreshing herbal teas that you can brew at home and serve over ice to give both your and your loved one the refreshment you are looking for.  These teas have no added sugars, so you and your loved one can enjoy them frequently.  Here are just a few great summer teas for you and your loved one to try this summer.



Hibiscus tea is made from the dried flower petals of the lovely hibiscus flower.  Hibiscus tea bags or dried hibiscus can sometimes be found in health food stores.  For the best flavor, brew hot hibiscus tea, let it cool, and then serve it over ice.  It has a brilliant red color and a fruity, tropical flavor.



Mint of any kind has a cool, refreshing flavor.  Mint tea can also aid digestion.  Serve it over ice with some fresh mint leaves in the glass for a tea that is sure to help you beat the heat on a hot summer day.


Lemon Balm

Lemon balm tea has a refreshing lemon flavor that is perfect for summertime.  It can be served blended with a slice of lemon or a squeeze of lemon juice.  Lemon balm has also been shown to help calm anxiety and promote a restful sleep.



Note: Some herbs have a medicinal effect and may interact negatively with other medications.  When trying a new tea for the first time, be sure to ask your loved one’s doctor or pharmacist if it is safe for them to drink.


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