Family First Brings Intergenerational Programming to Suffolk Care Center in Patchogue

Home Care Long Island NY: Bridging The Gap With Intergenerational Programming

Home Care Long Island NY: Bridging The Gap With Intergenerational Programming

Thanks to advances in science and medicine, people have the ability to live longer than ever before in history.  While this allows people more time to enjoy life and maintain independence, it also poses the question…

How do we keep the children of our future and the people we have to thank for our past connected?

We figured out a way and we are proud to share it with our community!

Family First recently partnered with Suffolk Care Center and a local elementary school to bridge the gap between generations and bring joy to those involved with our program Seasons of Love.

Seasons of Love is an uplifting and inspirational program that brings children and older adults together each season to engage in a pen pal campaign.  This entails having children from local schools write letters, poems, or draw pictures for the adults living in either nursing homes or assisted living communities who may be having a hard time transitioning into this vulnerable stage of their lives. Unfortunately, 90% of older adults residing in these types of homes report feeling lonely, isolated, and even depressed.

Seasons of Love is a unique way to incorporate programming that will keep our elders young at heart and happy wherever it is they call home.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering home care in Long Island, NY, please contact the caring staff at Family First Home Companions.
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