Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving in to Overwhelm as a Caregiver

Overwhelm can be your constant companion as a caregiver if you allow it to be. That’s not a fun way to go through life, however, so figuring out how to banish overwhelm is vital if you want to feel fulfilled on your caregiving journey.


Elderly Care in Bay Shore NY: Caregiver Tips

Elderly Care in Bay Shore NY: Caregiver Tips


Do You Need to Worry about This Situation?

So many situations in life are ones that people worry about and fret over, but those situations don’t require all that emotional energy. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by something or worrying about a situation constantly, stop and ask yourself if worrying changes anything about the situation. The majority of the time, your answer is going to be “no.”


Are There Consequences if You Ignore This Situation?

Almost every situation has consequences, no matter what you do. So what you need to do is to acknowledge what those consequences are. For example, if you avoid paying the power bill, the electric company turns off the power. That’s a consequence you want to avoid. If your senior is yelling at you because she’s frustrated, what are the consequences of ignoring that tantrum? If there aren’t any, you’re safe to remove yourself temporarily.


Can Anyone Else Handle This Situation?

The bane of the caregiver is that you start to feel as if you’re the only person who can handle every situation. This just isn’t true. You may be the absolute best person to handle that situation, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do it yourself. Delegating to elder care providers or to other family members is not only possible, it’s necessary in so many cases.


Does This Need To Be Handled Right Now?

Another pitfall that caregivers tend to mire themselves in is the one that everything has to be handled right now. Sure, there are situations that have an urgency about them. But everything can’t be the top priority on your list. If something has to be handled right now and by you, then you can deal with it. But if it can be postponed, delegated, or both, start doing so.

Only allow yourself to worry about situations that genuinely require you to do so. Once you get the hang of this technique, you’ll find that you’re less overwhelmed overall.


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