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Family First Home Companion: Ratings

Family First Home Companion: Ratings


Family First Home Companions, is committed to providing the best care for our clients and support to our caregivers, that’s why we have partnered with Home Care Pulse, a third-party satisfaction research firm, to continually gather feedback from our clients and caregivers through short telephone interviews. The goal of this partnership is to help us ensure you are satisfied with the services we are providing.

You will receive a call from Home Care Pulse and will be asked to provide ratings and feedback. Depending on your responses, the call will take between 7-9 minutes.

To provide your ratings, use the following number guide:

9-10: Very Satisfied
7-8: Needs Improvement
1-6: Very Dissatisfied

We take your feedback very seriously and ask that you be open and honest in your responses.

Please watch for a call from (208) 656-6219, and let us know if your phone number changes.  Your feedback will only be used to help guide improvements to care services, and if desired, you will be given the option to remain anonymous.


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