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Elderly Care in Dix Hills NY

You know the roles have been reversed when you’re faced with a parent who refuses to take advice from a family caregiver, namely you, who only wants the best for them. Now, who does that Elderly-Care-in-Dix-Hills-NYsound like? And how many times do you remember your parent asking the same question: Why won’t you do as I say?


No matter what age people are, independence and the right to choose the way they live are ingrained desires. Human nature is to want to remain autonomous. If people seem to want to take that away from them, their first reaction will be to fight back. Many a battle can be avoided if you remember to ask their opinion and then, unless health and safety are at risk, heed it. When the stakes are high, it can help to obtain the services of a third party, distant relative or vague friend—someone they can talk to without feeling their child is pulling the strings. An elderly care provider comes in handy in times like these. Though they aren’t in a position to tell your parent how to live their life, they can be there for them as a sounding board and share what they’ve learned from caring for so many seniors.

Don’t Take it Personally

You are doing the best you can for your parent, though some days they don’t seem to be aware of your efforts. They are, in many ways, becoming more childlike with each passing year. Age is changing the way they hear, see and get-around in the world. Try and remember that the battle they are fighting is rarely with you but the changing environment they find themselves in. Help them see the forest for the trees and remind them in ever so subtle ways how much life still has to offer and what there is to be grateful for every day.

Be Gentle With Yourself

It can be hard watching your elderly parent make mistakes. Just as they had to take the training wheels off and let go, so too do you. Unless life or limb are at stake, you will often find yourself nodding your head and keeping your mouth closed in order to keep the peace. Pat yourself on the back for empathizing with their situation. Laugh at their crazy antics. And remember to get the help you need so you have time to make your own mistakes and lead a balanced, happy life. Elderly care providers have assisted many seniors with the activities of living while cultivating true and deep relationships that offer not just care, but companionship as well. Let one care for your parent for one or two days a week so that you can care for yourself.


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