Encouraging Mom to Write Letters to Friends May Help Keep Her Motivated Through Recovery


Elderly Care in Bayside NY: Encouraging Mom to Write Letters to Friends May Help Keep Her Motivated Through Recovery

Recovering from any major medical emergency, whether it was planned surgery, injuries sustained in an accident, a health emergency like a heart attack or stroke, or a major illness like pneumonia, can take many weeks or even months. For an elderly person who lives alone, those weeks can feel like months and those months end up feeling like years. It may be difficult for your mother to stay motivated to focus on her recovery as she should.

If your mother begins taking on a certain activity, like writing letters to friends, even those people she hasn’t spoken to in many years, it can actually provide her and emotional boost.

It can connect her emotionally to others.

Right now, your mother may not be emotionally connected with too many people. She may feel isolated and alone. She might be relying on a family member, such as you or a few friends for help every once in a while, but that may not be enough.

When she can connect with other people emotionally, it can have a great positive impact on many areas and aspects of her life. She could share memories, ask questions, and feel like she’s a part of something outside of her own home once again.

It can help her remember the past.

When we don’t think about things too often we have a tendency to forget them. They are still stored within our brain somewhere, and when you’re able to tap into those memories you are giving your brain some valuable exercise.

She may remember things she thought she would never recall and they can bring her a lot of positive memories and it may even bring some melancholy, but those are ultimately good emotions that help to keep her focused on what she needs to do right now.

It’s a great way to stimulate the mind.

When somebody is limited in their physical capabilities, writing letters or doing other creative activities helps to exercise the brain. Mental activity can reduce the risk of developing certain forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. It can also strengthen memory and, ultimately, give that individual a new boost emotionally.

Your mother doesn’t have to actually send any of these letters if she doesn’t want to, but the process of writing them and feeling like she may connect with these people once again can be extremely important at keeping her motivated and positive through this potentially lengthy recovery.

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