What Can You Do to Connect with Your Senior Even if She Can’t Talk?

Communicating and connecting with your elderly family member is ever so much more difficult when she’s not able to talk to you herself. There are still things you can do to maintain a connection with her, though.


Elder care in Garden City NY: Seniors Communication Tips

Elder care in Garden City NY: Seniors Communication Tips


Continue to Talk to Your Aging Family Member

Many people worry that if their elderly family member can’t talk, then they shouldn’t try talking to her. Really the opposite is true. Keep talking to your aging family member even if you’re not getting much response from her. You may be surprised just how much your senior counts on hearing your voice every single day, no matter what you’re saying to her. And just by keeping your end of the conversation going, you’ll feel that much more connected.


Keep Your Tone Calm and Soothing

If you’re not sure whether or not your elderly family member is really responding to what you’re saying, the very least that you need to do is to sort out your tone of voice. Keeping your tone positive, calm, and soothing can help your elderly family member to stay calm and relaxed as well. Don’t forget to take frequent breaks to rest your voice, particularly if you’re finding it difficult to manage your tone.


Read Something to Her

You might not feel as if you know what to talk to your elderly family member about, especially if you’re not getting much feedback from her. an easy way around this that can help you to continue to speak to her and let her hear your voice is to read to her. Choose books and magazines that you know she loves or find new material to read that she might enjoy based on what she’s loved in the past.


Watch or Listen to Something Together

As much as you should be talking to your elderly family member, your voice is definitely going to get tired. You don’t have to carry the full weight on your shoulders alone, though. Watch something together on television, whether it’s a show or movie that you can talk about, or listen to some music together. Besides giving you a rest, this also gives you something that you can talk about another time.

If you’re still uncertain how you and your elderly family member can communicate without talking, senior care providers can help you figure something out. They’ve got experience helping caregivers and aging adults bridge gaps in order to get the most out of how they’re able to communicate.


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