Packing Your Day Bag with Germ Control in Mind

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One of the greatest risks that your parent faces during this time of year is germs. The fall brings with it cold and flu season, putting everyone at risk of suffering these and other illnesses and Elder-Care-in-Dix-Hills-NYinfections. While people of all ages can and do contract these issues, elderly people are at particular risk due to immune systems that are lower and less effective than younger people. This makes an aggressive and effective germ control approach one of the most important things that you can do for your aging parent to help them to stay healthy, safe, and happy throughout their later years.

While there are many measures that you can take within your parent’s home to help them resist germs, you must remember that your parent is most vulnerable to germs and their negative impact when they are outside of their home. This is when they are exposed to the most germs and other potentially harmful influences. Packing a day bag with effective germ control measures can be extremely helpful in protecting your parent from germs so that they can focus on enjoying their fall rather than being ill.


Some items that you can pack in your parent’s day bag when keeping germ control in mind include:

  • Surface wipes. Every time your parent goes out of the home they come into contact with surfaces that can be host to a huge array of germs. Surface disinfecting wipes can remove these germs so that your parent comes into contact with fewer of them.
  • Hand sanitizing gel. Even if your parent tries to use disinfecting wipes on hard surfaces, they are still likely to come into contact with germs. Using hand sanitizing gel when it is not feasible to wash their hands can remove these germs so they are less likely to get into your parent’s body and make them ill.
  • Tissues. Controlling germs is also important from your parent’s perspective. Carrying tissues allows your parent to prevent their sneezes and coughs from spreading germs throughout their surroundings. They should know to always cover their mouth with a tissue whenever they need to sneeze or cough, but also when they wipe their eyes or their nose. Carrying these tissues also enables them to offer them to others who may need them so that they spread fewer germs.


Starting your elder care for your aging parent can be an exceptional way to help protect them from the germs that are common during this time of year. This elderly home care services provider can be with your loved one on a schedule that is appropriate for them and helpful for you so that you can both feel confident that they are getting the care, support, assistance, and companionship that they need at all times. During cold and flu season this can include supporting them in their germ control efforts, encouraging a healthier lifestyle that will keep their body strong and as resilient as possible, and providing emotional encouragement and support that will protect their wellbeing and give them their highest quality of life as they age in place.


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