Signs That Your Loved One Might Be Dealing with Hearing Loss

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As a family caregiver it is your responsibility to help your aging parent maintain the highest quality of life possible as they age in place. This means not just addressing the issues that you already Caregiver-in-West-Hempstead-NYknow that they are dealing with, but also being attentive to their behaviors, condition, and symptoms so that you are able to detect when they are going through changes that might indicate the need for additional care. This can help you to make the care decisions that are right for your aging parent, pursue the treatment and management that they need, and do your parent to help them continue to live the lifestyle that they desire and deserve. One issue that can show subtle signs but make a tremendous impact is hearing loss. Experts estimate that a full 30 percent of adults over the age of 64 throughout the United States deal with hearing loss. This loss can be gradual, which can make it even more difficult to detect that it is happening. Being vigilant can help you to detect the signs that your parent might need support and assistance to deal with hearing loss.


Some signs that your aging loved one might be dealing with hearing loss include:

  • Older age. If your senior is over the age of 64, they have a one in three chance of suffering from hearing loss. If they are over the age of 75, they are at a one in two chance of experiencing this type of loss. If your parent is advancing in age, it is likely that they are, or will soon, experience hearing loss.
  • Resisting communicating over the phone. Today’s society might prefer texting, instant messaging, and social media to having conversations over the phone, but most older adults do not have this same preference. If your parent once loved their regular conversations with you and are now resisting that communication, it might be because they are struggling with hearing loss. Understanding communication over the phone is much more difficult than in person, which means that your senior might have a harder time talking in this way than face-to-face.
  • Difficulty communicating in a busy room. Background noise can make it extremely difficult to understand a conversation even when sitting close to another person. If your parent struggles to understand a conversation when there is background noise, such as in a restaurant or on public transportation, it could be an indication of hearing loss.
  • Responding inappropriately in conversations. Pay close attention to what your loved one says when you are talking to them. If it seems that they are not responding properly, are not answering questions, or are using “fillers” like “uh-huh” or nodding frequently, it might be because they are struggling with hearing you and do not understand what you are actually saying to them.
  • Turning the television up too loud. Some people simply prefer to listen to the television or a radio loudly, but if your parent turns their devices up far too loud and it is uncomfortable for you or others in the room, it might be because they are struggling with their hearing.


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