Why Should You Ask People to Help You with Specific Tasks as a Family Caregiver?

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One of the most difficult things that you might have to learn how to do as a family caregiver is how to ask for and gracefully receive help from others. And while you might find yourself tempted to let people help however they feel called, getting specific does more for you and your loved one.Caregiver-in-West-Hempstead-NY

You Know Who Is Doing What

Ever have three people trying to mow your lawn on the same day? If you’re not specific about the help you accept, you might just find yourself in that situation. By being as specific as you can, you’ve got a running list of who is doing what. That way when someone else wants to help with that particular task, they can wait until the next time it needs doing or help with something else.

You Can Delegate More Effectively

When you know who is doing what for you, you can delegate much more efficiently. For example, if you already have someone mowing, but you need help with some other garden task, you can put it on the list separately. You’re able to stay more organized about which tasks are getting handled.

You Keep a Handle on What Still Needs to Be Done

Hand in hand with your new organizational skills regarding your task list, you can start to see at a glance what still has to be done by you or by someone else. This is also why you need to keep a running list of both recurring and one-time tasks. When you’ve assigned the task, either to yourself or to someone else, you can mark the list accordingly and see very quickly where the holes are.

You Gain a Fuller Understanding of What You Do

When you’re the person handling everything, you often don’t stop to think. You’re too busy. You also may not notice just how much you’re trying to do on your own. When you get organized and specific with the people who offer to help you, it’s much easier for you to see exactly why you need that kind of help in your life.

As you gain more experience in asking for specific help, you’ll be amazed at how much more help you’re able to get from the people who care about you and your elderly loved one.

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