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Roy Donato has been nominated caregiver of the month for March 2016.  Roy has been a senior companion with Family First since September of 2015 after several years of experience helping Caregiver-in-Long-Island-NYthose in need in a homeless shelter, volunteering with an ambulance company, and working in a school district.  Roy has been assigned to working with a retired veteran, Charles, at the LI State Veterans Home which is a nursing facility in Stony Brook where Family First is a preferred home care provider.  Roy’s client is Charles who is a retired veteran.  Roy provides companionship to Charles by walking him around the facility, having conversation, accompanying him to activities, and alerting the nursing team of anything that Charles needs.  Charles looks forward to Roy’s visits and even though he is afflicted with dementia, he remembers when Roy is scheduled to visit.   After one month of working with him, Charles’ family increased Roy’s hours so that he could spend more time with him and have observed Charles having less anxiety and overall being happier since Roy started.

Roy has acquainted himself with the nursing staff at the LI State Veterans Home and is considered another member of the team.  He has jumped in many times to help out with covering schedules for Family First and sometimes at the last minute.  In one situation, Roy jumped in to cover an overnight visit with one hour’s notice for a terminally ill client that was fearful to be alone, which gave the family much needed peace of mind knowing someone would be there that night.

Roy’s commitment to his client, willingness to help with covering schedules, and excellent work performance have earned him the nomination of caregiver of the month.  “It is well-deserved and we are so glad to have Roy on our team”, Jennifer Benjamin, owner of Family First Home Companions.

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