The Health Benefits of Having Good Posture

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If you are a family caregiver, chances are you are constantly looking for new ways to beat stress, increase energy, and feel your best.  Since you probably have a hectic schedule, long list of Caregiver-in-Huntington-NYresponsibilities, and several commitments on your calendar each week, it can be hard to do many popular stress-relieving activities such as hour-long yoga sessions or taking weekend off.  Fortunately, there is a very simple way family caregivers can fight stress and feel better that requires no extra time commitment: improving your posture.  Many of us do not even notice that we have poor posture, as it is just what feels normal.  However, the truth is that we spend much of our day slouched over while we use the computer, use smartphones, and push a shopping cart through the grocery store.  Pulling your shoulders back, lifting your head high, and standing up straight and tall not only makes you look better, it can have these great health benefits, too:


It Aids Breathing

When your chest is open and you are standing tall, you will actually take in more oxygen.  When you breathe better and take in more oxygen, you will notice increased energy, less stress, and you will find that you feel more clear-headed.


It Boosts Positive Feelings

Research has shown that having good posture can actually decrease your negative thoughts and feelings.  When you maintain great posture, you may find that your thinking becomes more positive and you may let go of many of your stresses, anxieties, fears, and even negative self-talk.  Standing tall and looking straight ahead can also be an instant confidence-booster as well.  So, if you are facing a stressful situation such as a meeting you are worried about, a task that you don’t want to do, or a confrontation, be sure to keep your shoulders back and your head held high.


It Can Make You More Energetic and Productive

One thing that caregivers always need is an energy boost, leading them to rely on coffee and sodas in an attempt to beat daytime drowsiness.  Fortunately, maintaining good posture throughout the day can give you more energy and maybe allow you to skip a cup of coffee or two.  One reason for this energy boost is the increased oxygen that your body will take in when you open your chest and stand up straight.  Not only will you feel more energetic, some research has shown that good posture can make you more productive, too.


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