Caregivers Need to Be Consciously Aware of Potential Hazards in the Senior’s Home


Caregiver in Huntington NY: Caregivers Need to Be Consciously Aware of Potential Hazards in the Senior’s Home

Safety at home for seniors who may be limited in motility is very important for a senior’s health and well being.  While good home care isn’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing, functionality should be the main focus.

Issues about safety for seniors can be easily overlooked. This may be because caregivers are focused on so many other things and not really considering that tripping hazard they just stepped over or moved past.   So it takes a conscious effort on the part of the caregivers to recognize that there could be a potential hazard in the way.


Tripping hazards are typically the main overall safety issue in the home for a limited mobility senior.  These can be things like:

  • Loose rugs, damaged carpeting or vinyl flooring, and even missing transition strips between rooms
  • Shoes, clothes, toys from the grandkids or pets or other items in the traffic path
  • Water or other liquid substance on a wood or vinyl floor causing a slick condition
  • Boxes, totes, tables, chairs, or other somewhat large blockages along the main path from room to room
  • Dimly lit areas, such as hallways, where light bulbs had burned out thus causing problems seeing the path


Helping a senior get safely around the main traffic paths in the home can be useful. Safety bars, for instance, placed in bathrooms and in hallways could be helpful for seniors to get around safely.


Another thing caregivers may want to check is that the clothing the senior is wearing:

  • Isn’t too long where it could cause them to trip
  • Is on property such that the clothing isn’t impairing mobility


And, also for safety, caregivers should consider cleanliness. This could relate to things like:

  • The bathroom being cleaned because of germs and other issues
  • Interior rooms of the house being dusted to help avoid congestion issues
  • The kitchen such that counters, floors, and sinks being clean as well as eating surfaces like breakfast bars and tables.  These are important because of issues such as germs and tripping or slipping hazards
  • Bedrooms cleaned because of the amount of time a senior may spend in bed


Similarly, issues like clothing, sheets, towels, dishes, flooring, and other textiles should be washed and kept clean.  Cleanliness is important for safety but it also helps the senior feel better.  Clean clothes, clean sheets, and even a dusted house gives the senior who is limited in mobility, a better experience at home.


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