6 Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Falls

  1. Make an appointment with the doctor: 
    • What medications are you taking?
    • Have you fallen before?
    • Could your health condition cause a fall?
  1. Keep moving:

    • Start a general exercise program.
    • Gentle exercise is okay to do.

3. Wear sensible shoes:

    • Have your feet measured each time you buy shoes since your size can change.
    • Buy properly fitting, sturdy shoes with nonskid soles.
    • Avoid shoes with extra thick soles.
    • Choose lace-up shoes instead of slip-ons, and keep laces tied.
    • Select footwear with fabric fasteners if you have trouble tying laces.
  1. Remove home hazards:
    • Remove boxes,. Newspapers, electrical cords, and phone cords from walkways.
    • Move coffee tables, magazine racks and plant stands from high traffic areas.
    • Secure loose rug with double-faced tape, tacks or a slip-resistant backing.
    • Repair loose, wooden floorboards and carpeting right away.
    • Store clothing, dishes, food and other household necessities within easy reach.
    • Immediately clean spilled liquids, grease or food.
    • Use nonskid floor wax.
    • Use nonslip mats in bathtub or shower.
  1. Light up your living space:
    • Place a lamp near your bed and within reach so that you can use it if you get up at night.
    • Make clear paths to light switches that aren’t near room entrances. Consider installing glow-in-the- dark or illuminated switches.
    • Place night lights in your bedroom, bathroom and hallways.
    • Turn on the lights before going up or down stairs. This might require installing switches at the top and bottom of stairs.
    • Store flashlights in easy-to-find places in case of power outages.
  1. Use assistive devices:
    • Grab bars mounted inside and just outside your shower or bathtub.
    • A raised toilet seat or one with armrests to stabilize yourself.
    • A sturdy plastic seat placed in your shower or tub so that you can sit down if you need to. Buy a hand held shower nozzle so that you can shower sitting down.


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