Celebrating Excellence: Lillian, Our Caregiver of the Month

In the heart of every successful home care agency lies a dedicated team of caregivers, whose commitment and compassion shape the lives of those they serve. At Family First Home Companions, we take immense pride in recognizing and celebrating the exceptional individuals within our caregiving community. Today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Lillian, our esteemed Caregiver of the Month. Lillian’s unwavering dedication, empathy, and exemplary service have touched the lives of countless families and individuals in our community.

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Meet Joseline: The Heart and Mind Behind Selecting Top Caregivers for Our Home Care Agency

In every successful endeavor, there’s often a guiding force, a person whose dedication and insight shape the foundation of excellence. In our home care agency, that person is Joseline Aguilar. As the Office Lead and the discerning eye behind selecting the best caregivers, Joseline plays a pivotal role in ensuring that those we entrust with the well-being of our clients are nothing short of exceptional.

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Finding the Right Caregiver for Your Aging Parent

Live-In Home Care by Family First Home Companions

Finding the right caregiver for an aging parent is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration and planning. By understanding your parent’s needs, exploring available options, seeking recommendations, conducting interviews, checking references, considering compatibility, implementing a trial period, setting clear expectations, and providing continued monitoring and feedback, you can navigate this journey with confidence and find the caregiver who will provide the support and care your parent deserves.

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4 Steps to Helping Aging Parents at Home


By following this plan, you will be able to line up support for the areas of your parent’s life that he or she is struggling with.  There are many resources in the community available to help you with the caregiving responsibilities and help you to maintain balance between your parent’s needs and your own.  The most successful and effective plan will include a combination of both personal friends and family members and outside professionals to address each area of concern.

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Dementia Activities for Spring

Home Care Agency in Melville, NY If you are a professional caregiver or have a family member who is living with dementia, you probably know the benefits of cognitively stimulating activities.  These activities not only provide benefits for brain health and improve the symptoms of dementia, they are also a great way to pass the…

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