Dementia Activities for Spring

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If you are a professional caregiver or have a family member who is living with dementia, you probably know the benefits of cognitively stimulating activities.  These activities not only provide benefits for brain health and improve the symptoms of dementia, they are also a great way to pass the time when you are at home.

A study from 2017 on 35 older adults in Italy who had Vascular Dementia found that those who participated in fourteen sessions of cognitively stimulating activities showed a greater improvement in overall cognitive functioning, short-term memory, and perceived quality of life.  The activities included reading stories/newspapers, painting, coloring, decorating, and cooking.

Being engaged in enjoyable activities can also reduce agitation, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.  Even though the person with dementia may not be able to do the entire activity, some level of participation could still produce benefits.

In addition to activities that you can do yourself at home, there are websites that offer dementia activity products such as, games and puzzles.


To help your loved one feel involved and productive, try these activities this spring.

  1. Plant flowers or just sit in the sun
  2. Do some spring cleaning – this could be as simple as washing a window or sweeping the front steps or walkway
  3. Plant an indoor herb garden like this one on Amazon
  4. Visit an aquarium or pet store
  5. Set a daily time for music and listening (or dancing)
  6. Create some art – i.e. paint flowers or outdoor scenes
  7. Visit a botanical garden, such as, this one located in Great River