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Senior Home Safety

Helpful Product for Getting Up from a Sitting Position

In-home Assistance for Seniors: Long Island, NY One of the main reasons that our services are needed for older adults is for difficulties with standing and walking.  Whether it’s assistance with ambulating, stepping into and out of a shower, or getting up from a sitting position, our caregivers are there to provide that arm and…

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Fire Prevention Checklist: The Bathroom

Home Health Care in Bayside NY: Each year throughout the United States there are approximately 400,000 home fires. These catastrophes result in more than 11,000 injuries to civilians, and more than 3,000 deaths to civilians. This statistic can be frightening for you as a family caregiver to an aging parent.

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Preventing Falls Outside of Your Parent’s Home

Home Health Care in Huntington NY: Preventing falls should be one of the primary focuses of your care efforts for your elderly parent. Keeping your aging parent safe from falls means evaluating their daily routine as well as their surroundings to ensure that they are taking the proper steps to stay safe.

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Helping your Parent with Mobility Problems

Elder Care in East Meadow NY: As your parent ages, you may notice their body posture changing. Their shoulders start to drift forward and their feet begin to shuffle. As a family caregiver, now is the time to step in and address their need for mobility support and strengthening programs that can help them remain active and engaged well into their elderly years.

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