Owners, Jennifer Benjamin and Alice Bonora, Nominated as Honorees

Jennifer Benjamin and Alice Bonora, founders of Family First Home Companions, were featured in Long Island Newsday’s Winners Colunn and have been named the 2020 Health Care Honorees by the Long Island Alzheimer’s and Dementia Center.  They will be honored at its 2020 Cocktails & Casino Night this fall at the Heritage Club at Bethpage.  Jennifer and Alice started Family First in 2005 after caring for elderly family members who were afflicted with dementia and Parkinson’s disease.  Family First Home Companions provides professional caregiving services to help older and disabled adults at home throughout Long Island.  Their home care services enable older adults afflicted with dementia and other age-related conditions to live independently with the assistance of a caregiver.

Adult children who care for elderly parents are often overwhelmed with the responsibilities of watching over their loved ones’ health and well-being while juggling work and life obligations.  Family First’s home care services provide support to adult children who manage their elderly parents’ daily activities, medical appointments, groceries and supplies, household chores, and other needs.  A professional caregiver will provide meal preparation, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, transportation to appointments, errands, dressing assistance, bathing supervision, and companionship.  By having a caregiver in place, both adult children and their elderly parents can find more balance with managing their needs.

Jennifer and Alice not only operate Family First but have been involved in the community by providing family support groups, supporting charities such as, Long Island Harvest, and not-for-profits dedicated to dementia care such as, the Long Island Alzheimer’s and Dementia Center, the Long Island Alzheimer’s Association, and the Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center.  Family First was named Best of Home Care by Home Care Pulse for providing quality care to older adults and Employer of Choice by Home Care Pulse for its excellent employment practices.

Jennifer holds a graduate certificate in Geriatric Care Management and Alice is a Certified Senior Advisor.  Families, physicians, attorneys, and health care professionals have trusted and recommended Family First Home Companions for the last 15 years for their dedication to client care and excellence in customer service.