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  • Sweep, Swiffer/Sponge mop floors
  • Wipe/Sanitize counter/table tops
  • Wipe/Sanitize basic appliances: toaster, microwave, stove, etc.
  • Fill, run and empty dishwasher
  • Wash and put away dishes
  • Inspect and remove spoiled/old food from the refrigerator
  • Take out trash and/or recycle items
  • Pick up and put away “everyday” kitchen items


  • Vacuum carpet and/or rugs
  • Empty waste basket (s)
  • Dust with duster or dust cloth
  • Pick up and put away “everyday” items: remote control, magazines


  • Organize clothing and shoe area
  • Vacuum carpet and/or rugs
  • Empty waste basket (s)
  • Make bed, change linens
  • Dust with duster or dust cloth
  • Pick up and put away “everyday” items.


  • Clean mirrors items
  • Swiffer/sponge mop floors
  • Disinfect toilet, tub/shower, sink
  • Empty waste basket (s)


  • Straighten up newspapers and/or magazines
  • Feed client’s animals
  • Walk client’s dog
  • Water plants


  • Wash, dry, fold and iron clothes

Family First Home Companions is a Long Island home care company.  We provide senior companions to assist your loved ones with daily activities, dementia care and Alzheimer’s companions, and respite care to care for your loved ones on a short term basis. 


We serve the following States, Cities, Zip Codes and Counties: 

Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York City (NYC), Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island