Home Care Workers Receive a COVID-19 Hero Pay Boost

Family First Home Companions, a home care company serving older adults in Long Island and the Boroughs, gives its home care workers a 15% pay boost to thank them for their bravery and dedication to their clients during the pandemic. 

Islandia, NY, May 15, 2020 – Family First Home Companions announced on Friday that it has given their caregiving team a 15% pay boost for their bravery and dedication during the pandemic.  “We are so proud of our caregiving team and their commitment to continue working with our frail, elderly clients providing much needed support to them at home.  Our clients rely heavily on their caregivers to help them get through their days and their weeks.  We consider our caregivers to be front line heroes because they go to work every day while braving the risk of exposure to COVID-19”, said Jennifer Benjamin, owner.

Older adults that depend on professional caregiving services in the home are particularly vulnerable under the current stay-at-home orders.  They often suffer from age-related illnesses, such as dementia and heart disease, and are at high risk for fall-related injuries.  Being alone and isolated at home puts their health and safety at risk.

“Most of our clients need hourly home care services during the daytime and several days a week.  This allows them to stay independent at home while giving their family members peace of mind knowing that someone is there when they cannot be”, said Benjamin.  Family First Home Companions offers its services 24/7 and provides backup care when a primary caregiver is unable to make it to a scheduled visit with a client.  “The greatest benefit to utilizing our services is having the backup care in the event the primary caregiver is unable to go.  Our clients have continuity of care and their family members who work or have other obligations do not have to be concerned.”

Home care agencies have been struggling to stay in operation during the Coronavirus pandemic due to shortages in home care workers and cancellations by home care services recipients.  “While we understand the need for vigilance right now, we have many clients who have reluctantly cancelled their home care services despite being very dependent on them for vital and essential things, such as, grocery shopping, medication reminders, and meal preparation.  The isolation is also just as detrimental to an older adult as they do not typically use technology to stay connected to friends and family leading to further declines in their health,” Benjamin said.

Family First Home Companions’ services provide help at home to older adults with meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, personal care assistance, and healthy recreational activities, such as, going for walks.  Their services are offered in Long Island and the Boroughs.  Visit familyfirsthomecompanions.com or call 631-319-3961 for more information.