5 Apps for Dementia Care

Home Care Agency, Long Island: Dementia can be a devastating disease for both the afflicted and their family members.  It robs the person of their memories, personality, and ability to manage all the aspects of their life.  If you have a loved one with dementia, then you most likely worry about whether he or she is taking care of himself, getting enough cognitive stimulation, and whether he or she is safe when alone at home.

While dementia brings with it many challenges and deficits for the person, it’s important to remember what stays intact for most people well into the later stages of the disease; the ability to recognize and enjoy music, recall long-term memories, experience different feelings and emotions, enjoy the company of loved ones, or appreciate a walk or fresh air on a sunny day.

While there is still no cure for dementia, technology is playing a bigger role in helping to combat the symptoms and progressive losses in functionality.   Getting a regular dose of cognitively stimulating activities is one of the best ways to keep the brain strong and active.  Like anything else, if you don’t use it you lose it.  Below are five apps that will help those with dementia and their family members with brain exercises, interactive activities, and other useful tools to cope with the disease.

  1. MIND MATE: Mental exercises, workout routines, and healthy recipes to keep your mind sharp and your body heal.
  2. Constant Therapy: Speech, language, and cognitive therapy exercises for those recovering from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, aphasia, dementia, and other neurological disorders.
  3. MyReef 3D Aquarium: This free app is ideal for those in the more advanced stages of dementia. It features a saltwater 3D aquarium that allows you to watch the fish while listening to soothing music, interact with the fish by feeding them, and tap on the glass of the aquarium to watch the fish react.
  4. AmuseIt: AmuseIT focuses on helping the person with dementia exercise their conversation skills, a common deficit for those afflicted with this disease. Caregivers and family members of people living with dementia can also use the app to stay engaged with their loved one.
  5. Word Search Console: Word search colorful is an app of word search games ranging from easy to difficult. It’s a very colorful app and easy to use.