3 Technologies to Keep Your Aging Parents Safe at Home

If you or someone you know is a caretaker to aging parents, you are probably well-aware of the worries and concerns that come along with that responsibility.   It can have a snowball effect.   One accident, mishap, or slip can lead to a slew of new problems and issues to overcome for the senior at home.

For example, if mom does not take her medication correctly for a few days this could lead to a bad fall which leads to a hospitalization and then later to a nursing and rehabilitation facility to build back her strength and stamina.  We see this situation all the time at Family First Home Companions and it’s a major setback for the older adult who may lose some independence in the process.

There are many assistive devices that help seniors with safety at home and can do the monitoring and supervision on an automated basis.  These devices will also allow family members to check-in on their loved ones remotely and ensure their aging parents’ safety during times when they cannot be there.  Below is a list of three technologies that help to keep aging parents safe at home.

  1. Automatic stove shut-off. If you are concerned that your aging parents may forget to turn off the stove, this device will save the day.  An automatic stove shut-off will detect the smoke alarm sound and cut the power to the stove.  Unattended cooking ranges are the number one cause of house fires in the U.S.  By simply plugging the stove into this device, you will have a built-in safeguard from stove or oven fires.  You can find the Fire Avert Electric Auto Shut-off Safety Device on Amazon by clicking here.
  2. Video cameras with 2-way audio.  A camera system in the home with 2-way audio allows you to not only watch and monitor your aging parents in their home but also communicate with them directly through the cameras.  The built-in audio system works like a speaker phone and allows you to communicate at any time.  This system becomes particularly helpful if your aging parent falls in the home and you need to speak to them directly to find out if you should call for help.  You can find a variety of video cameras with 2-way audio on Amazon by clicking here.
  3. Fall detection systems with emergency response. A personal emergency response system with fall detection provides an additional layer of protection if a senior has a fall and is unable to call for help.  The system automatically detects the fall by using sensors and will dial for help.  ADT’s On The Go personal emergency response system starts at $39.99 per month and can be found by clicking here.